Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Roast for the Bean

There is a lot of talk about finding the best roast for the bean, but the truth is that the best beans exhibit a range of flavors and aromas. Various results may be both valid and different. For example, the lighter end of the range could be bright and fruity while the darker roasts could be chocolaty and nutty.

Neither is necessarily the "right" result. We all have personal preferences that may change over the years. An interesting possibility is the single origin melange, where you take a single coffee variety and roast it to two different levels, then blend them. 

We offer custom roasted coffee, so you can specify which aspects of the bean you would like to explore. We are your personal custom coffee roaster, offering a selection of the highest grade professionally selected single origin coffee beans roasted to either our selected roast level or yours.

Dedication to service and the utmost quality drove our decisions to offer custom roasted coffee beans, free local delivery, coffee services and the absolute best quality, super-specialty grade coffees.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Roaster

I don't think micro roasters get much smaller than this one. Here is our 2 kilo Toper in action:

No computer controlled roast schedules here. Sight, sound, smell, heat.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Custom Roasted Coffee Beans

We roast to order and ship immediately to ensure that your custom roasted coffee beans are as fresh as can be. Local coffee roasters used to be common and may be making a comeback as people rediscover the pleasures of quality and freshness from locally roasted specialty coffee.

We source the finest single origin green coffee beans and find the best coffee roast level for each batch of beans. The process is ongoing as crops vary from year to year and each lot of coffee must be evaluated individually.

Roasting to order ensures that only freshly roasted coffee reaches our customers, and we are dedicated to sending the best coffee with the best roast as soon after roasting as possible. There are no dark roasted coffee beans sitting on our shelves or any roasted bean inventory.

We are a neighborhood local coffee roaster in Peoria, IL that services the entire Midwest and the country. Let us be your personal roaster of custom roasted coffee beans roasted to order for the best IL coffee in Illinois.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why roast to order?

Green coffee beans have a long shelf life similar to dried pasta or canned food. Roasted coffee can be thought of as similar to prepared food. You wouldn't want to eat food prepared by a restaurant two weeks ago and warmed over. Likewise, we believe that coffee should be roasted right before it makes its way to a home or shop.

The aroma and fresh flavor of just-roasted coffee has previously been reserved for those fanatical enough to roast their own coffee at home. Even most roast shops and cafes that roast in house tend to inventory roasted beans. No amount of plastic/foil barrier, valves, vacuum packing or impulse sealing will stop that coffee from losing it's life.

There is a large international coffee shop chain that roasts very dark because the carbony extra dark roast flavors cover up the loss of freshness that occurs on the journey from the centralized roasting facility to the shop shelf or cup. Often the coffee smells good upon opening a new bag, but the loss of freshness seems to accelerate at light speed thereafter.

We are small enough and idealistic enough to believe that there is a market for higher quality coffee, roasted to order and delivered to your door. With low overhead and modest profit margins, we can offer a better product at a price comparable to other available specialty coffees. We aim to bring the metropolitan luxury of a neighborhood coffee roaster to the people of Central Illinois.